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Adib burning ointment - Adibeksir

Adib burning ointment

Adib burning ointment is the product of Adid Eksir herbal products group and contains some plants that each plant has an important role in burning repair. This product doesn’t have any side effects like croton and the others products and best of all it prevents burn scars.

Adib burning ointment is obtained from these plants Coriandrum sativa  , Solanum nigrum , Rosa canina   Various researches on these plants and their effective material show that Adib burning ointment has many properties that you can see below

1) Antibacterial property: Existing infection in burning is one of the main factors in burning that leads to death moreover it causes lack of burning repair. The antibacterial properties in these plants help the patients repair their burning without using any antibiotics, and consequently the burning part cures quickly.

2) Anti scar effect: Generally, repairing deep burns involves scar and the severity of the scar depends on the burn extend. In such cases, using Adib burning ointment prevents burn scar and the skin returns to its pervious natural state.

3) Speeding up the heal process: Using these plants reduces the time it takes the burn to heal, so the speed of healing increases.

4) Anti inflammation property: Existing inflammation is regarded as the key factor which can delay the healing process and decrease the quality of healing. Using these plants not only controls the inflammation but also decreases it. Unlike most medications which control the inflammation by suppressing immune system; these plants control inflammation without any side effects and consequently the speed and quality of repair burning increases outstandingly.

5) Decrease in treatment expenses 80 to 90 percent: There’s no need to hospitalize, no need to take relief medications, no need to prescribe antibiotics and the simple way to use Adib burning ointment are all factors that decrease treatment expenses. Furthermore burning creams throughout the world have various and high prices however they don’t have the desirable results (in addition to other expenses like: laser, plastic surgery and so on.). Adib burning ointment price is too low in comparison to other products.

Unsaturated fatty acid in Adib burning ointment formulation has two crucial roles: these materials not only revival against free radicals, but also because of having a similar structure with the existing fatness in cell membrane ( Arachidonic acid) leads to the production of some materials that control inflammation. These two mechanism lead to a decrease in inflammation in burning without interfering with cell biochemical activity therefore using these decreases inflammation and increases the quality of burn healing without any systemic local event.

This ointment after passing all the required tests has managed to receive the approval of the ministry of health, treatment and medical education.